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By Robert H. Mohlenbrock, John W. Voigt

This e-book could be of specific curiosity to these inter­ested in utilized fields of biology, akin to conservation, forestry, and wild existence. The southern twelve counties of Illinois, a complete of 4,355 sq. miles, contain the realm coated during this publication. it truly is a space during which either northern and southern plants specimens abound. a wide selection of plant species develop during this region, and approximately 2 hundred new crops no longer previously pointed out with this region were incorporated within the listings. Especially invaluable to novice botanists, the ebook is a vital handbook in determining the crops that make up the local surroundings of this quarter. Seventy-seven illustrations relief in settling on and figuring out the plant groups.

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Plants with opposite or whorled leaves134. Stems woody93. Throat of flower unfringed; fruit a pepo or berry105. Throat of flower fringed; fruit a berry102. Fruit an inflated capsule; leaves biternate91. Fruit a berry; leaves palmately compound93. Plants with woody stems; aerial roots; poison to the skin87. Plants with herbaceous stems; no aerial roots75. Leaves pinnately compound, with five leaflets75. Leaves pinnately compound; plants climbing by aerial roots Campsis in 134. Leaves pinnately compound or ternate; numerous stamens; no aerial roots present Clematis in 55.

Hydrocharitaceae 8. Leaves not floating 9 9. Inflorescence paniculate; fruit an achene; leaves not glossy-green 18. Alismaceae 9. Inflorescence spicate; fruit a capsule; leaves glossy-green, cordate at base 25. Pontederiaceae * 1. Dicotyledonous plants 10 10. Plants generally submerged 11 11. Leaves alternate, 1- to 2-dichotomous, segments few, capillary, bladder-bearing 132. Lentibulariaceae 11. Leaves opposite, whorled, or verticillate 12 12. Leaves not dissected, the margins minutely serrate or spinulose; flowers axillary, solitary 17.

Cyperaceae Leaves 2-ranked; leaf sheath usually split; flowers enclosed by dry scales; fruit a caryopsis; stems generally round or oval in cross-section and hollow, jointed 20. Gramineae Leaves grass-like, round in cross-section or channeled; leaf sheaths with free margins; stems round, solid; fruit a capsule containing 3 to many seeds; perianth of 6 glumaceous parts 26. Juncaceae Section 10: Monocotyledonous Terrestrial Herbs (Not Grasses, Sedges, Or Rushes) 1. Flowers regular or nearly so 2 2.

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