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FIG. 36. L e a v e s v a r y g r e a t l y i n general outline, and the f o l l o w i n g terms are used to designate some of t h e i r c o m m o n forms : L i n e a r : the narrowest f o r m of a l e a f — s e v e r a l times longer than b r o a d : grass-like. ( F I G . 3 2 . ) L a n c e o l a t e : l o n g a n d narrow, s l i g h t l y broader at the base and t a p e r i n g towards the apex. ( F I G . 3 0 . ) O b l a n c e o l a t e is a reversed lanceolate. Oblong", when two or three times broader than long.

T h e leaves are m o s t l y c o m p o u n d , w i t h entire leaflets. Papilionaceae is the name that is now used as d i s t i n c t i v e of this f a m i l y and i n preference to that of Leguminosae, under w h i c h they were f o r m e r l y k n o w n . T H E PRIMROSE FAMILY. PrimulacecE. W e may look upon the p r i m r o s e f a m i l y as a group that shows us regular, perfect flowers. A n d after h a v i n g t r i e d our patience over the unexpected developments of other families it is c e r t a i n l y a pleasure to come upon one of these s t r a i g h t f o r w a r d little blossoms, whose m o t t o seems to be, to j o g a l o n g as comfortably as possible a n d to make no mystery of its ways.

C h i l d r e n often mistake it for the w i l d forgetme-not and are i n v a r i a b l y d i s a p p o i n t e d when they l e a r n that it bears no more tender name than A m e r i c a n b r o o k l i m e . Plants Growing In M u d : Bogs, Swamps and Marshes. Over in the swamps they be dull throw when life is gay and free; they may be merry, out sparingly their send it out abundantly flower unfolds pond; the blackbirds his wing with have a fatherly King Carnival ? bloom when In ; the turtle care of their of its time and place the oriole the should they each the lovely nearest matches the tint marigold.

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