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See the table at end of the chapter. jobs Lists the jobs running in the background, giving the job number. Not as useful as ps. It is all too easy to confuse jobs and processes. Certain builtins, such as kill, disown, and wait accept either a job number or a process number as an argument. The fg, bg and jobs commands accept only a job number. bash$ sleep 100 & [1] 1384 bash $ jobs [1]+ Running sleep 100 & "1" is the job number (jobs are maintained by the current shell), and "1384" is the process number (processes are maintained by the system).

Data # Data file from which to read words to test. = end ] # Last word in data file. do read word # From data file, because of redirection at end of loop. look $word > /dev/null # Don't want to display lines in dictionary file. lookup=$? # Exit status of 'look' command. " fi done <"$file" # Redirects stdin to $file, so "reads" come from there. html (10 of 19) [7/15/2002 6:33:48 PM] Text Processing Commands echo exit 0 # ---------------------------------------------------------------# Code below line will not execute because of "exit" command above.

Sh: Encrypt quotes # Will encrypt famous quotes in a simple monoalphabetic substitution. # The result is similar to the "Crypto Quote" puzzles #+ seen in the Op Ed pages of the Sunday paper. key=ETAOINSHRDLUBCFGJMQPVWZYXK # The "key" is nothing more than a scrambled alphabet. # Changing the "key" changes the encryption. # The 'cat "$@"' construction gets input either from stdin or from files. # If using stdin, terminate input with a Control-D. html (15 of 19) [7/15/2002 6:33:48 PM] Text Processing Commands # Otherwise, specify filename as command-line parameter.

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