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Angew. C h e m . , Int. E d . Engl. 11, 224 (1972). K. Burger and J . Fehn, C h e m . Ber. 105, 3814 (1972). R. E. Banks and G. R. S. Perkin Truns. I , 2964 (1972). K. Burger, J . Fehn, and A. Gieren, Liebigs Ann. Chem. 757, 9 ( 1972). K . Elliott and J . ” Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1972. C . Heidelberger, in “Carbon-Fluorine Compounds” (K. Elliott and J . ), p. 125. Elsevier. Amsterdam, 1972. H . Durr and R. Sergio, Tetruhedron L e t t . , 3479 (1972). K. Burger, J . Fehn, and W. Thenn, Angew. , l n t .

S . Marenets, Zh. Obshch. Khirn. 24, 887 (1954) [CA 49, 8172 (1955)l. KLAUS BURGER et a / . 55JOC499 55USP2726237 59JA4342 59JOC582 60JA2288 60MI I 61JA4732 61MII 62AG(E)329 62JOC2085 62JOC3248 64DOK( 158)926 64JOC3049 65B(4)2507 65JPC3284 65MII 66CB 146I 66C B I 944 66CB2880 66JOC789 66JOC3292 67BAU695 67JCS(C)865 67JCS(C)869 67JCS(C)1189 67JGU2355 67MI 1 68BAU357 68CB302 [Refs. J. B. Dickey, E. B. Towne, and G. F. Wright, J. Org. Chem. 20, 499 ( 1955). E. B. Towne and H. M. S. Pat. 2,726,237 (1955) [CA 50, 6058 (1956)l.

T-C&. 4-CHsCaHa = H,CO,C-C=C-CO,CH, H5Co-CIC-CoH5, H-CZC-CO,CH,, H,C02C-CH=CH-COzCH,, HzC=CH-C02CH,. H*C=CH-CIN SCHEME 55 30 [Sec. A KLAUS BURGER et ul. A X = CI. Br R = CO,CH, (A:B = 31), CH,OPh B ( A B = 51). Ph (A:B = 10) SCHEME 56 type (84BCJ2184; 85BCJ2061; 86BCJ2631, 86JHC1535; 87BCJ4480, 87JHC1391; 89CHE555) (Scheme 56). In the absence of trapping reagents, trifluoroacetonitrile oxide dimerizes to give a trifluoromethyl-substituted furoxan or a 1,4-dioxa-2,5-diazine, depending on the identity of the I ,3-dipolar species.

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