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By Arthur Cayley

This quantity is made out of electronic photos from the Cornell college Library ancient arithmetic Monographs assortment.

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Grade 2: Find a pair of numbers whose product is 60.

2. One pack of books weigh 7 kg. A second pack weighs 3 kg. How much heavier is the first pack than the second? 3. One pack of books weighs 7 kg which is 3 kg heavier than a second pack. How much does the second pack weigh? In the second half of the year, students are given missing subtrahend and missing addend problems, and are required to compare the solution of these problems with the way they solved familiar problems. Examples given are: (a) A girl had some postcards. She gave a friend 4 and then had 6 left.

The distributive property is used to teach mental multiplication. None of the sums of two-digit addends requires regrouping. Some mental multiplica­ tions and divisions of the type “9 x 8 = 72 so 9 x 80 = 720; 18 -r 3 = 6 so 180 3 is 60” occur in Grade 5. These skills are practiced and extended in Grade 6. ” Contrary to first appearances, there is actually little mental computation required of students in the early grades of the CAP2 program beyond basic fact learning. The Grade 4 text contains a lesson on mental computation requiring answers to problems such as 20 + 35 and 1735 - 705.

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