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Transmit antennas may also have a maximum power rating, and receive antennas differ in their noise rejection properties. An antenna without an amplifier is called a passive antenna. Such antennas have the same characteristics whether they are transmitting or receiving. This property is called reciprocity. Therefore, any antenna can be used for transmitting or receiving signals or for both purposes. All antennas used in RFID systems are of the passive type. When the circuit is much shorter than the wavelength of the signal, the rate at which it radiates energy is proportional to the size of the current, the length of the circuit, and the frequency of the alternations.

Diffraction Radio signals may also undergo diffraction, which occurs when signals encounter an obstacle and tend to travel around them. Diffraction occurs when the radio path between the transmitter and receiver is obstructed by a surface that has sharp irregularities (edges). The secondary waves resulting from the obstructing surface are present throughout the space, even behind the obstacle, giving rise to a bending of waves around the obstacle, even when a LOS path does not exist between transmitter and receiver.

2. Barcodes are cheaper to implement. RFID tags cost at least 100 times more than barcodes. 3. ISO 18000-6C was approved by the ISO for the EPCglobal Gen 2 standard. 4. A communications network is not a part of the RFID physical layer. 5. 6. Satellites are too far away to be tracked using RFID tags. Individual cans of soda currently cost less than most RFID tags; therefore, it is not economical to use RFID tags to track them. 2 Radio Frequency Basics Antenna Performance and Characteristics NEWBIE SOME EXPERIENCE EXPERT 6 hours 3 hours 1 hour 15 Copyright © 2007 by The McGraw-Hill Companies.

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