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Uncomplicated university arithmetic can be a evaluate of primary math options for a few scholars and will holiday new flooring for others. however, scholars of all backgrounds may be thrilled to discover a fresh publication that appeals to all studying kinds and reaches out to different demographics. via down-to-earth causes, sufferer skill-building, and quite fascinating and real looking functions, this worktext will empower scholars to profit and grasp arithmetic within the actual international.

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Step 3. 405,6 00 ︸ Change to zeros. Thus, 405,648 rounded to the nearest hundred is 405,600. b. Step 1. 405,648 Underline the 5 (the thousands place). Step 2. 406,648 Six is more than 5 (add 1 to the 5). 5ϩ1ϭ6 Step 3. 406, 000 ︸ Change to zeros. Thus, 405,648 rounded to the nearest thousand is 406,000. c. Step 1. 405,648 Underline the zero (the ten thousands place). Step 2. 415,648 Five is equal to 5 (add 1 to the 0). 0ϩ1ϭ1 Step 3. 410,000 ︸ Change to zeros Thus, 405,648 rounded to the nearest ten thousand is 410,000.

Hart FLP, and Creators Syndicate, Inc. indd 2 A V Place Value The position of each digit in a number determines the digit’s place value. Look at the world population clock. Which is the only digit that is missing? Which digits are repeated? What is the value of the digits that are repeated? It depends! To help you with the answer, we use a place value chart in which each group of three digits is called a period. We name these periods ones, thousands, millions, billions, and so on. 1 Standard Numerals 3 H un dr Te ed b n bi illio l l n Bi i lli ons s on H s un d Te red n m mil M illio lion ill io ns s ns H un d Te red t n th ho Th ous usan ou an ds sa ds nd H s un d Te reds ns O ne s period has three categories: ones (units), tens, and hundreds separated by commas.

Step 3. Change all the digits to the right of the underlined digit to zeros. Thus, to round 78 to the nearest ten, we use the three steps given. Step 1. Underline the place to which we are rounding. 7 8 Tens place Step 2. If the first digit to the right of the underlined place (the 8) is 5 or more, add one to the underlined digit. 7 8 ϩ 1 Step 3. The digit to the right of the underlined digit becomes zero. The number to the right of the 7 is more than 5, so we add one to the 7 and get 8. 8 0 The 8 becomes a zero.

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