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By Philip Wexler

First released in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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Then usually to the left there are what is called the radicals—people who smoke and cut classes. The ‘thespians’ are the theater people. They represent the school, like the jocks, in collective events. Their events are not the pep rallies where jocks and cheerleaders ‘crank up school spirit’. But they do put on plays which are well attended by parents and other adults in the community— representing the good name of Grummitt to the collectivity and its constituencies. Being a thespian has its advantages.

Going to the library today I just happened to get one. If I have time; I do, but usually I don’t. Philip: Well, aren’t you worried about getting caught? Student: No. They never stop me. If they ask me I say no, I don’t have a pass. Some of the aides in the hall get mad. But usually they go ‘OK’ and I keep walking. Philip: Do you think that they let everybody go like that or that they know you? Student: No. There’s people that they stop all of the time. Philip: So how do they know who to really stop do you think?

42 BECOMING SOMEBODY: TOWARD A SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF SCHOOL ‘Structuring’ did proceed, and more students found themselves in one of two structured study halls. In the ninth and tenth grade structured room, there were regularly fifty to sixty structured students. Some students were structured sporadically, usually for ‘truancy’, as assistant principal Sanguire puts its. In the student definition, ‘structure’s where they take away your open flexes and you sit in this room’. Todd: They make you sit in a room?

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