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By Robin Barrow, Patricia White

Philosophers and educationalists of foreign reputation have a good time the pro profession of Paul Hirst, overlaying topics starting from the character of fine instructing to Wittgensteinian aesthetics.

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But the pragmatist, coherentist etc. worth their salt will interpret such talk in their own terms, so as to avoid any necessary commitment to an offending ‘realism’. ) to be true, what makes it true. But it is hard to prevent this proposal collapsing into one or other of the previous ones. ’ is a request for a paraphrase, inviting answers like ‘For it to say how things actually are’. Taken another way, it is not a question that can be asked about sentences en bloc, but only about each individual sentence.

The maddest people do not so much hold wildly false beliefs as opt out of any concern for the truth of what they say or act upon. A conception of truth, as I intend it, is an account of truth focused on explaining the practices of ‘aiming at truth’, on clarifying why truth is a desideratum. A conception fails if it fails in these tasks. Suppose we identify a certain relation between words and world. It will be wrong to equate this with truth if it is impossible to grasp why we should aim at such a relation in our talk.

But children are generous about one another; and if there are frequent tests (let us say of spelling) and if some people always come top, that does not provoke bitterness on the part of the others. On the contrary, in my experience they are proud to say that their mate in class is ‘brilliant’. It is important however to recognise that if there is to be competitiveness (as I believe there must be, and the good teacher will foster it), the competitions must be as far as possible between those who are, in terms of the skills tested, at least potentially equals.

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