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The channel holding time of a voice (or data) call is equal to the smaller one between Tc–dwell and TCV (or TCD). Using the memoryless property of the exponential pdf, we see that the random variables TV and TD (the channel holding time of voice and data calls) are both exponentially distributed, with means E[TV] [= 1/␮V = 1/(␮CV + ␮c—dwell)] and E[TD] [= 1/␮D = 1/(␮CD + ␮c—dwell)], respectively. We assume that the arrival processes of originating voice and data calls and voice and data handoff calls in a cell are Poisson.

Snkar, Handoff criteria for personal communication networks, Proc. IEEE ICC ’94, pp. 1297–1301, May 1994. 3. G. P. Pollini, Trends in handover design, IEEE Commun. Magazine, pp. 82–90, March 1996. 4. N. D. Tripathi, J. H. Reed, and H. F. , December 1998. 5. D. Hong and S. S. Rappaport, Traffic model and performance analysis for cellular mobile radio telephone systems with prioritized and nonprioritized handoff procedures, IEEE Trans. Veh. , Vol. VT-35, No. 3, pp. 448–461, August 1986. 6. S. A. El-Dolil, W.

Both originating and handoff calls are generated in a cell according to Poisson processes, with mean rates ␭O and ␭H, respectively. We assume the system with a homogeneous cell. We focus our attention on a single cell (called the marked cell). Newly generated calls in the marked cell are labeled originating calls (or new calls). A handoff request is generated in the marked cell when a channel holding MS approaches the marked cell from a neighboring cell with a signal strength below the handoff threshold.

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