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F Einthoven’s triangle is formed by leads I, II and III (there is no lead IV). The limb leads are placed on the left and right arms, and the left leg. Lead I is the voltage between the left and right arms, lead II is the voltage between the right arm and left leg, and lead III is the voltage between the left arm and left leg. 27a. F 27b. T 27c. T 27d. T Cardiac oxygen consumption and myocardial oxygen demand increase with cardiac output. Therefore anything that increases the cardiac output will increase cardiac oxygen consumption.

T 28c. F 28d. T The neurovascular bundle runs between the IOM layer and the transverse abdominis muscle (TAM). The abdominal wall consists of six layers: skin, subcutaneous tissue (superficial layer: Camper’s fascia; deep layer: Scarpa’s fascia), muscle, transversalis fascia, extra abdominal fat and parietal peritoneum. The anterior abdominal wall muscles are supplied by the thoracoabdominal nerve, and subcostal, iliohypogastric and ilioinguinal nerves. 29a. F 29b. F 29c. T 29d. T The venous system of the left testicle drains to the inferior vena cava (IVC), via the left renal vein, whereas the right drains directly into the IVC.

The liver receives blood from the hepatic artery and portal vein; it then drains from the liver via the hepatic vein into the IVC. 33a. T 33b. T 33c. F 33d. F The anal canal superior to the pectinate line differs from the inferior part in its arterial supply, innervation, and venous and lymphatic drainage as a result of its embryonic origins. The region superior to the dentate line is insensitive to pain, because it is supplied by autonomic nerves, whereas inferior to the dentate line the region is very sensitive to pain because it is supplied by the 17 1.

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