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By Mayur Movalia MD, Theodore X. O'Connell MD

This best-selling source is totally up to date, and nonetheless the main easy-to-use and potent high-yield evaluate for USMLE Step three. protecting all specialties and subspecialties incorporated at the examination, it’s excellent for the busy condo officer who wishes a evaluate that hits all of the very important and ordinarily proven techniques in a concise structure. Over a hundred high-yield figures illustrate vital strategies, stipulations, and imaging modalities. Get advice, insights, and suggestions on how most sensible to organize and what to anticipate with the reader-friendly, succinct, and interesting writing sort of best-selling writer Adam Brochert, MD.

  • Features tips about the computer-based case simulations to organize you for crucial parts of the examination.
  • Draws upon the non-public event of the best-selling writer of USMLE studies, Adam Brochert, MD, for reliable easy methods to learn for the examination.
  • Organizes fabric logically and permits speedy spot evaluation utilizing bulleted and numbered lists, in addition to many tables during the text.
  • Presents up-to-date case eventualities mirroring these at the Step three examination to maintain you abreast of adjustments to the examination.
  • Includes extra high-yield figures to be extra suitable to fresh administrations of the examination.
  • Addresses present perform with up-to-date prognosis and therapy guidelines.

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Bronchiolitis usually occurs in the fall or winter, and 75% of cases are caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Other causes are parainfluenza and influenza viruses. Initial symptoms of viral URI are followed 1–2 days later by rapid respirations, intercostal retractions, and expiratory wheezing. Crackles may be heard on auscultation of the chest. Diffuse hyperinflation of the lungs is classic on radiographs; look for flattened diaphragms. Treat supportively (humidified oxygen, saline nasal drops, bronchodilators, IV fluids).

25%. X-Linked Recessive Look for affected fathers, who pass the gene only to their daughters (who become carriers but do not get the disease), and carrier mothers (family history in male relatives), who pass the disease to their sons. m Hemophilia m Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency m Fabry disease m Hunter disease m Lesch-Nyhan syndrome: hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase (HPRT) enzyme deficiency. Look for mental retardation and self-mutilation (patients may bite off their own fingers).

Patients first develop symptoms of a viral upper respiratory infection (URI) such as rhinorrhea, cough, and fever. Roughly 1–2 days later, patients have a “barking” cough, hoarseness, and inspiratory stridor. The “steeple sign” (narrowing of the trachea just below the vocal cords due to subglottic edema) is classic on an anteroposterior (AP) radiograph of the neck but is insensitive and nonspecific. , the “cool mist tent”) and corticosteroids (oral dexamethasone preferred). Nebulized racemic epinephrine is used in severe cases that do not respond to initial measures.

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