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By Brian Wilson Aldiss

Siamese twins, Barry and Tom, have a dormant yet sinister 3rd head starting to be out of Barry’s left shoulder. Plucked from the untamed Norfolk beach through showbiz marketers benefiting from their demonically violent and freakish courting, they shape a rock band, The Bang Bang, and style superstardom. all through their jealous battles over the girl of their existence and their brutal lifestyles, they're eternally followed through their ominous spouse, who makes expanding calls for for its correct to lifestyles.

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Barry was more sturdily built than his brother; he had a red peasant face, complete with snub nose and startling light grey eyes which generally regarded you through half-closed lids, as if he were tired, or dangerous, or forever summing you up. His thatch of thick black hair stood up spikily from his low forehead. Tom was not so thick-set and looked slightly taller, though he carried his head to one side. His face was less flushed and thinner than his brother's. The hair that curled attractively about his neck and ears was a nondescript brown.

He remained - rather stupidly, I thought -by the door. “It isn't so bad today,” he said. ” He jerked his head in indication of the direction of the marshes to which he referred. His was a melancholy room. The ruin of the abbey cast permanent shadows into it. A light bulb burned overhead, picking out in sickly detail a profusion of birds and small animals which covered the walls. Rough shelving housed these stuffed mementoes of the living world outside; where-ever one looked, dead eyes glinted. A well-loaded bookcase stood in one corner.

As her enemies liked to point out, Ashworth was almost exactly twice Dervish's age. But she had stamina. She survived Los Angeles and Stockholm and all the godless cities in between, and lived to return with him to the relative peace of Humbleden when the tours were over. I was always mystified as to how she avoided finishing up in Datchet Reservoir with him. Some claimed that Ashworth's influence on Dervish had a stabilizing effect, others that it was she who drove him to take his life. Nick Sidney informed me that she had a disruptive effect on the Noise as a group, by which I took him to mean merely that she was particular with whom she slept.

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