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By James D. Fix

Designed essentially for scientific and dental scholars getting ready for the USMLE Step 1 and different examinations, this ebook provides the necessities of human neuroanatomy in a succinct define layout with plentiful illustrations. Over six hundred USMLE-style questions with whole solutions and reasons are incorporated, a few on the finish of every bankruptcy and a few in an end-of-book accomplished exam. This variation makes use of colour to delineate neuroanatomical pathways and spotlight medical correlations. New scientific MRI and MRA pictures were extra. Questions persist with the medical vignette-based layout of the present USMLE. A significant other web site on thePoint bargains rapid entry to the whole, absolutely searchable textual content and all questions from the publication.

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B. Third ventricle (see Figures 1-5, 2-3, and 2-4) • is a slitlike vertical midline cavity of the diencephalon. • communicates with the lateral ventricles via the interventricular foramina of Monro and with the fourth ventricle via the cerebral aqueduct. • contains a pair of choroid plexuses in its roof. C. Cerebral aqueduct (aqueduct of Sylvius) • lies in the midbrain. • connects the third ventricle with the fourth ventricle. • lacks choroid plexus. • Blockage leads to hydrocephalus (aqueductal stenosis).

Which part of the ventricular system contains choroid plexus? (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) Frontal horn Occipital horn Cerebral aqueduct Third ventricle Terminal ventricle 5. Which one of the following circumventricular organs is solely innervated by postganglionic fibers from the superior cervical ganglion of the ANS? (A) Area postrema (B) Pineal body (C) Organum vasculosum of the lamina terminalis (D) Subfornical organ (E) Subcommissural organ 36 8. Olive 9. It contains the trochlear nerve (CN IV) 10.

It has reciprocal connections with the association cortex of the occipital, parietal, and posterior lobes and is concerned with the integration of visual, auditory, and somesthetic input. 12–D. The posterior limb of the internal capsule lies between the lentiform nucleus and the thalamus. It contains the corticospinal tract and is perfused by the lateral striate arteries (branches of MCA) and the anterior choroidal artery. 13–A. The cingulate gyrus contains the cingulum, a fiber bundle that interconnects the hippocampal formation with the septal nucleus.

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