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Spring Jo,nt Computer Conference, pp.

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10 I p I) will be correct down to the last bit. If ixflag is 1, then some digits were truncated, since round to zero always truncates. The significant of the product will look like 1. bl “ o“ bzz bz~ error may oc“ “ “ b~l. A double-rounding cur if bz~ “ . “ b~l = 10 “ “ “ O. A simple way to account for both cases is to perform a logical OR of ixflag with b31. Then round (N “ 10 I p I) will be computed correctly in all cases. 3 Errors . Arithmetic where ~6, ~ < c, and ignoring order terms in 6 i gives 43 second- The first eaualitv of (31) shows that the computed ~alue”of EXJ is the same as if an exact summation was performed on perturbed values of x,.

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