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By Steven A. Tretter

Designed for senior electric engineering scholars, this textbook explores the theoretical ideas of electronic sign processing and verbal exchange structures by way of offering laboratory experiments utilizing real-time DSP undefined. each one test starts off with a presentation of the necessary concept and concludes with directions for appearing them. Engineering scholars achieve adventure in operating with apparatus usual in undefined. this article positive aspects DSP-based algorithms for transmitter and receiver functions.

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SLOPES FOR DIFFERENTIATOR (GAIN = Ki*f -> SLOPE = Ki WHERE Ki = SLOPE OF i-TH BAND, f IN HERTZ) 3. MAGNITUDE OF DESIRED VALUE FOR HILBERT TRANSFORM array index ° 1 filter coefficient array hr h[N - 1] h[N - 2] x[n - 1] x[n] x[n - N + 1] x[n - N + 2] newest oldest 0,1,0 ENTER WEIGHT FOR EACH BAND. 2. Contents of coefficient array and circular buffer. 1) becomes STARTING REMEZ ITERATIONS . 159436E-03 DEVIATION n y[n] :r[k]h[n - k] k=n-(N-l) x[n - (N - l)]h[N - 1] + ... CALCULATING IMPULSE RESPONSE CALCULATING FREQUENCY RESPONSE CREATE (FREQ,RESPONSE) FILE (Y OR N)?

Word statements. Then they are loaded into the apBK and N must be loaded into this register. data: > IRAM PUTTING THE DATA SAMPLES AND COEFFICIENTS IN INTERNAL RAM MAKES THE PROGRAM RUN FASTER . hr . data . float . float Put value of hr [0] = h [N-i] here. Put value of hr[1] = h [N-2] here. float Put value of hr [N-i] = h [0] here. SET UP WORDS THAT CONTAIN THE 24-BIT ADDRESSES OF THE FIRST WORDS IN THE ARRAYS hr AND xcirc . xcirc addr . global _fir ; Make the function entry point accessible to C fir LDI N, BK ;Load the circular buffer block size LDP @809800h ;Data page for internal ram block @xcirc_addr, AR1 LDI ;Initialize the pointer to "oldest" ;O->R2 so 1st word sent to AIC is XOR R2, R2 ;all zero and not an AIC command ;Save "oldest" on the stack PUSH AR1 ;************* START OF THE MAIN CONVOLUTION LOOP ********** convol LDI ;Point to start of coefficient array ,---------------------------------------------------------------------The timing for this digital filter will be synchronized to the serial port 0 data transmit ready flag (XRDY).

A) External FSX, FSR, CLKX, CLKR The TMS320C30 has a 64-word instruction cache which can speed up program execution, particularly when (b) Variable transmit and receive data rate 24 Chapter 2 (c) Handshake disabled Whenever you want to halt the program press (d) Active high data and CLK ESCAPE (e) Active low FSX and FSR If you want to continue the program from where it halted enter (t) 16 bit transmit and receive word run or FS (g) Enable transmit interrupt XINT and receive interrupt RINT To restart the program from the begining, first halt it and then enter the commands (h) Configure FSX, FSR, CLKX, CLKR, DX, DR as restart and run serial port pins 4.

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