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Discuss four. 9. Discuss “broken windows” theory. How does it relate to “Weed and Seed” programs? Is this an effective approach to helping communities? 10. Discuss the role community policing can play in homeland security. What are some of the pitfalls of a ­narrow police focus on terrorism? References Bayley, D. H. (1988). Community Policing: A Report from the Devil's Advocate. In J. Greene & S. ), Community Policing: Rhetoric or Reality? (pp. 225–238). New York, NY: Praeger. Bittner, E. (1970).

Unfortunately, a number of police departments see aggressive law enforcement as a potent tool in the policing arsenal. These are, however, tools that are not in keeping with the spirit of community policing and were the hallmarks of the failed traditional model of policing. S. Department of Justice established Operation Weed and Seed—a communitybased multi-agency approach to law enforcement, crime prevention, and neighborhood restoration. The Community Capacity Development Office (CCDO), Office of Justice Programs, administers Operation Weed and Seed.

It signals a time whereby the police are concerned with people and their problems as opposed to focusing solely on responding to calls for service and making arrests. Community policing truly is a paradigm shift. The Idea of Community Policing 45 It is important for the police administrator to not mistake some strategy or tactic for community policing. While community policing employs a number of strategies and tactics, the essence of community policing (empowerment of the community, community engagement, problem solving, and community partnerships) represents the glue that holds these strategies and tactics together.

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