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Charlene Tan's textual content bargains a coherent account of Confucius' academic notion and its implications for the trendy global. Arguing that Confucius is greater than an historic grasp who emphasized culture, rote-learning and teacher-centredness, Tan portrays Confucius as a revolutionary educator who challenged the social norms of his time and reworked the character of training and studying in China and beyond.

Through a textual research of the Analects, this article presents a serious exposition of Confucius' paintings, relatively with admire to his interpretations of human beings' challenge in lifestyles, potentials, relationships with each other, and academic procedure. additional highlighting the modern relevance of Confucius' paintings, the writer bargains a Confucian framework for twenty first century schooling – person who harmonises smooth wisdom and talents with common values on shared humanity and loving others

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3 The political leaders were not the only ones who practised and perpetuated the prevailing li. Confucius also criticized the masses for their wrong understanding and abuse of li. Take the case of xiao (孝) or filial piety. 5 孟懿子問孝。 子曰: ‘無違。’ 樊遲御,子告之曰: ‘孟孫問孝於我,我對曰,無違。’ 樊遲曰: ‘何謂也?’ 子曰: ‘生, ;死,葬之以禮,祭之以禮。’ Meng Yizi asked about filial piety. ’ But what is being filial to one’s parents according to li? 7 子游問孝。 子曰:‘今之孝者,是謂能養。至於犬馬,皆能有養;不敬, 何以别乎?’ Ziyou asked about filial piety. The Master replied, ‘Nowadays a filial person means one who provides for his parents.

Confucius believes that true virtue stems from within a person, and is not just an outward display of piety. 13) – someone who takes something that does not belong to him, in this case, virtue. 12, ‘If I do not [participate in a] sacrifice [in my spirit], it is as if I have not sacrificed [at all]’ (吾不與祭,如不祭). 15 子入太廟,每事問。 或曰: ‘孰謂鄹人之子知禮乎?入太廟,每事問。’ 子聞之,曰: ‘是禮也。’ When the Master entered the Grand Ancestral Hall, he asked questions about everything. indd 46 7/4/2013 5:16:45 PM The Concept of Li 47 Someone said, ‘Who said that this son of man from Zou village knows li?

In contrast to his reluctance to discuss and speculate on other-worldly matters such as religious and supernatural topics, Confucius had much to say about this-worldly concerns, especially normative behaviours, human relationships and education. He ingeniously borrowed the common terms of his times, particularly li (禮 rites or ritual propriety), ren (仁 humanity) and junzi (君子 gentleman), and assigned to them novel and rich interpretations and implications. I shall elaborate on these terms in subsequent chapters.

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