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3, the full supply voltage will be applied during the turn-on phase, and the chopping action only begins when the motor winding reaches the current limit set by Vref. This circuit will vary the chopping rate to compensate for changes in the back EMF of the motor winding, for example, those caused by rotor motion; in this regard, it offers the same quality of regulation as the linear current limiter. 7 can also be applied to an H-bridge regulator. 13. If the X and Y control inputs are held in a running mode (01 or 10), the current limiter will alternate between that running and slow decay modes, maximizing energy efficiency.

The L293D chip, introduced later, is pin compatible and includes these diodes. If the earlier L293 is used, each motor winding must be set across a bridge rectifier (1N4001 equivalent). The use of external diodes allows a series resistor to be put in the current recirculation path to speed the decay of the current in a motor winding when it is turned off; this may be desirable in some applications. The L293 family offers excellent choices for driving small bipolar steppers drawing up to one amp per motor winding at up to 36 volts.

The capacitor and motor winding, in combination, form a resonant circuit. If the control system drives the motor at frequencies near the resonant frequency of this circuit, the motor current through the motor windings, and therefore, the torque exerted by the motor, will be quite different from the steady state torque at the nominal operating voltage! 5 ) Again, the electrical resonant frequency for a variable reluctance motor will depend on shaft angle! When a variable reluctance motors is operated with the exciting pulses near resonance, the oscillating current in the motor winding will lead to a magnetic field that goes to zero at twice the resonant frequency, and this can severely reduce the available torque!

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