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Road criminals dwell in a deadly international, yet they can not realistically depend on the felony justice procedure to guard them from predation through fellow lawbreakers; they're all alone by way of facing crimes perpetrated opposed to them and infrequently use retaliation as a mechanism for deterring and responding to victimization.

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Now, the methodological advantage of encapsulating these events as nearmedically epidemie is that the rise and fall 01 the event is explicable: once attacked, individuals recover (although more other individuals may be afflicted during the expansion phase); gradually, more 01 the population is being inoculated than still lies at risk. Thus the improving balance between those removed lrom (inoculated) and those remaining in the finite population provides the impetus lor cessation. 43. It is certainly unnecessary for any 'crimes' to have been 'committed' before the re action sets in.

100) describes the 'atheistic' attitude to crime-waves thus: We can expect that the official rates will continue to rise steadily for many years to come, but it would be amistake to believe that this has anything to do with what criminals or other forms of deviants are doing. [Crime] waves are thus control [waves]. Further, it is noteworthy to recall that the application of the wave metaphor to criminal activity in fact presupposes a form of theorising about crime itself. Although the use of waves iSBOW cunningly metaphoric, it is nevertheless based upon a history of original literal meaning.

44 Controlology: Beyond the New Criminology The 'convulsive episode' which he called the Antinomian controversy is a constructed-rise, the Quaker invasion was a constructedleading to an allegedly real increase; and the witches of Salem episode was described as a real-rise. Fourthly, Erikson has only a vague ad hoc theory of the decline of such episodes. In the last case, he merely claims (p. 149) 'the whole witchcraft mania began to fade', or (p. 152), an almost Churchillian 'the tide had begun to turn'.

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