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8. Mucoid impact of bronchi. (A) Allergic mucin is characterized by laminated mucin with eosinophilic debris. This patient had allergic bronchopulmonary fungal disease (ABFD). (B) Higher magnification shows many eosinophils and Charcot–Leyden crystals (in the center of the picture) within the allergic mucin.

Virtual bronchoscopic depiction of tracheal lumen. Virtual bronchoscopic (internal rendering) of tracheal lumen depicts carina (arrow), a keel-like ridge that demarcates the origin of the right and left bronchi. Repetitive arcs along anterior and lateral walls represent the C-shaped cartilaginous rings Fig. 4. Accentuated tracheal displacement by tortuous aorta. Coronal oblique multiplanar reformation minimum intensity projection (minIP) image demonstrates accentuated rightward displacement of the trachea (arrow) due to a tortuous, atherosclerotic aorta (A) 32 Boiselle and Lynch Fig.

Boiselle and D. A. Lynch © Humana Press, Totowa, NJ 25 26 Boiselle and Lynch A) B) Radiologic Anatomy of the Airways 27 C) D) Fig. 1. (Continued) 28 Boiselle and Lynch E) Fig. 1. Normal upper airway anatomy. (A) Axial CT scan of the upper larynx shows superior aspect of the epiglottis (arrow). (B) Axial CT scan shows the base of the epiglottis (arrow), the valleculae anteriorly (arrowheads) separated by the glossoepiglottic fold (thin arrow). (C) Axial CT scan shows the base of the aryepiglottic folds (arrows) and delineates the beginning of the false cords.

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