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By Josef Kunes

Dimensionless amounts, corresponding to π, e, and φ are utilized in arithmetic, engineering, physics, and chemistry. in recent times the dimensionless teams, as proven intimately right here, have grown in value and significance in modern mathematical and laptop modeling in addition to the normal fields of actual modeling. This booklet deals the main complete and recent source for dimensionless amounts, offering not just a precis of the amounts, but additionally a rationalization in their actual rules, parts of use, and different particular houses throughout a number of appropriate fields. proposing the main entire and obviously defined unmarried source for dimensionless teams, this publication may be crucial for college kids and researchers operating around the sciences.

  • Includes nearly 1,200 dimensionless quantities
  • Features either vintage and newly constructing fields
  • Easy to exploit with transparent association and citations to correct works

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Josef Bera´nek, Czech chemist. 6 Blasius Shape of Boundary Layer δ=x δ 4; 9 5 pffiffiffiffiffiffiffi ; x Rex where Rex 5 wc v δ (m) À boundary layer thickness; x (m) À distance from entering edge; w (m s21) À flow velocity; ν (m2 s21) À kinematic viscosity; Rex (À) À local Reynolds number relative to the x position. It characterizes the viscous fluid flow in a laminar boundary layer above a floating plate. The expression is used to monitor the boundary layer development and to simplify the solution. Info: [A21].

The Darcy friction number fD (p. 119) or the Fanning friction number fF (p. 163) are modifications of this. Fluid mechanics. Hydraulics. Tribology. Info: [A26], [B20]. Henry Philibert Gaspard Darcy (p. 98). ) Dc Dc 5 2ghrh w2 ð1Þ; Dc 5 8ghrh w2 ð2Þ g (m s22) À gravitational acceleration; h (m) À mean hydraulic depth; rh (À) À hydraulic gradient; w (m s21) À flow velocity. It characterizes the fluid flows in open canals and over falls. It is analogous to the Darcy friction number fD (p. 119). Hydraulics and hydromechanics.

69 Temkin Number Es pffiffiffi S LS p Es 5 3 ffiffiffiffi 5 LV V ð1Þ; O Es 5 pffiffiffi A ð2Þ S (m2), V (m3) À surface and volume of thermal system; LS, LV (m) À characteristic dimensions; O (m), A (m2) À perimeter and cross-sectional area. It characterizes the body shape influence on its thermal field. However, in comparing diverse bodies, the difference of physical parameters is not considered. For limited bodies, expression (1) is valid and so is expression (2) for in-one-direction non-limited bodies which have two finite shapes.

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