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In the final analysis, it is a performer's artistry and magnetism that provide the essential elements needed for communication. Therefore, it is important for a teacher to have performed (that is not to say he must have been famous, only that he has performed publicly in a variety of situations and can understand and analyse those elements of artistry necessary to fine singing), to keep his ear educated by continually attending performances by fine artists, and to familiarise himself with the literature of the voice and of other performing arts.

They are then continued as a thin sheet-like tendon (aponeurosis) called the external intercostal membrane. The muscle fibers slope obliquely downwards and forwards from the upper rib to the one below. The internal intercostal muscles extend from the edge of the sternum or ends of the intercostal spaces to the postenor angles of the ribs and are then continued to the edge of the vertebral column as the internal intercostal membrane. Fibers slope obliquely downwards and backwards from the upper rib to the one below.

15). When the body is properly Fig. 15. Schematic representation of bucket handle motion of ribs. The costo-vertebral joints of ribs of the fifth to tenth pairs allow anterior-posterior and lateral movement of these ribs. The eighth, ninth and tenth pairs are capable of considerable lateral movement because they have no direct attachment to the sternum, also the long bars of cartilage at the costal margin allow for considerable distortion during inspiratory movement, and the restoration of this deformation plays an important role in expiration during quiet respiration.

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