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By Gregory A. Kimble, C. Alan Boneau, Michael Wertheimer

During the last century, a number of women and men have solid psychology right into a dynamic technology, forsaking a wealthy legacy of leading edge study and theoretical views. The volumes within the images of Pioneers in Psychology sequence chronicle the lives of those giants within the box and description their impacts on psychology this day. the purpose of this booklet is to advertise psychology's appreciation of those occasionally missed giants within the box. during the exam of those members, the readers will come to appreciate particular faculties, fields, and views in psychology, and should achieve an appreciation of the way psychology has developed, in either technique and concentration, through the years.

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A house is a resemb1ance of that house. With resemb1ances of many particu1ar houses ... includesthat whichis common to a11 houses. Such a generalizedrepresentativeis properly termed a conception.... Conceptionsare the materialsfor formingnewjudgments,and may be used.. in thinking to carry the mind onwards ... (pp. 135-136) Association. Under this heading, Hickok presented a modern-sounding account of the organization of memory, in which he called on the standard laws of association: temporal and spatial contiguity, similarity, and contrast.

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