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By Graham J. Towl

This updated assortment starts off with an account and research of the function of psychologists in prisons in terms of examine. seems to be on the result of proof established mental methods to operating with prisoners. First 1/2 the e-book has its fundamental specialise in mental evaluate learn. contains chapters on mental examine on suicide, bullying, existence sentenced prisoners and employees sickness.

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The narrowness of this perspective is surprising although, like NPM, it has the virtue of apparent clarity and focus. The real difficulty, however, is in the moral/ethical vindication of a particular view of offenders and the implication of that view for the role of psychology. To put this simply, if we believe that individuals can be disaggregated into a series of unconnected problems, we can divide the problems into those we have an intention to change and those we do not. They can be dealt with in a series of disconnected interventions.

In addition, the contribution psychology has made to the knowledge base of risk assessment, risk management and corrections policy all add up to halcyon days for the discipline and all those who apply it. So substantial has the effort of those in corrections been that there are now reviews of the meta-analytic literature (McGuire, 2002). It is fair to conclude that corrections in the UK, and perhaps elsewhere, have never been so ‘psychology minded’. Ogloff and Davies (2004) express hope that this trend continues and caution that the pendulum will swing away from hard won liberal rehabilitation policies back to greater punitiveness if we do not sustain our commitment to the risk–needs model that has driven this success.

In the future it seems likely that there will be a shift with less work being directly done ‘in-house’ and more being done by other potentially more cost-effective ‘suppliers’. The role of commissioners of psychological research will increasingly become one of specifying policy on what needs to be researched and effective contract management. TOWL: “CHAP01” — 2006/9/15 — 14:25 — PAGE 21 — #15 22 David A. Crighton It is a time of rapid change in research and criminal justice policy and practice.

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